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Vintage Games (2003)


From a desolate environment emerges an exuberant story. ACQUARIA shows a distant future, in which the “Blue Planet” can no longer be called that. The Earth is practically exhausted, after constant attacks on nature.
All that remained were ruined cities and a few groups of people, surviving in a devastated landscape.

After years of exploitation and attacks on nature, water on planet Earth has come to an end.
In this arid environment, Sarah (Sandy) and Kim (Junior) live the saga and adventure of surviving in the desert, a place full of dangers and mysteries. With their friends Gaspar and Guili, they experience challenges and emotions in search of the rarest and most precious asset on Earth: water.

Full of adventure and with lots of music, our heroes live this current and fabulous story that alerts children and young people about the imminent lack of water on the planet. highlights the importance of finding solutions so that we avoid the collapse of resources fundamental to life on Earth.

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