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Vintage Games (2002)



In a small village, on a full moon night, an event would change the lives of those residents forever. Nicolae, Andreea's father, screamed desperately in front of his tavern. Everyone ran to see what had happened. Joining the crowd was Teodor, a brave man, known as a collector of legends and superstitions.

Nicolae takes Teodor to the room of young Andreea, who was lying on the floor, white as snow, her purple lips looking like violets. Teodor examines her and tells Nicolae the news: she is under a kind of spell.

At this moment, Ecaterina appears, a beautiful woman, mother of Petru and wife of Theodor.

Ecaterina is desperate when she sees Andreea and runs to hug her. In the corner by the door, little Petru just watches everything. Teodor explains to Nicolae that for a long time he has been chasing a creature that takes people's lives, making them servants, practically slaves. Nicolae doesn't understand, until Teodor shows a bite mark on Andreea's neck.

Destroying the Dark Count, Vlad Tepes, before dawn is the only means to save Andreea.
The previously quiet Petru asks everyone what they were waiting for. And so they leave, revealing a great secret.

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